Take This “Am I Crazy?” Test and Try It On Your Friends

I was just reading this great textbook “Individual Differences and Personality” by Michael C. Ashton. I always recommend reading textbooks because they have a lot of the world’s best knowledge all in one place. The American Psychological Association groups people with mental disorders into 3 clusters:

Cluster A – Odd and Eccentric
Cluster B – Dramatic, Emotional, and Erratic
Cluster C – Anxious and Fearful

You might not have any major disorders but if you think about this in a less literal sense most of us can cluster together parts of our behavior these groups.

The reason that I like looking at disorders like these is because they reveal areas of imbalance in our lives. The book talks about how some of these traits have persisted through our genes because they have been successful in promoting reproduction and survival.

The odd/eccentric side of us serves a purpose; it helps us think outside the box. As long as you don’t take it too far it can work to your advantage. Our dramatic, irrational, and emotional traits also exist for a reason. They give us empathy and encourage us to speak up when we’re not being treated right. Anxiety and fear can hold you back in life. But if we keep our anxious/fearful emotions in balance then they are functional. They’re what make us check both ways before we cross the street.

Remember to always study all sources. Don’t just read pop psychology, go straight to the real psychology right here. Stay balanced, and don’t let any of those clusters take too much control of your life.

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