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The Selfish Gene; My Interview with Richard Dawkins

People say that to be happy you have to be unselfish. But are they right?

Make sure you grab a copy of “The Selfish Gene”.

Because it seems like greedy and selfish people have it all.

We have all been betrayed by someone who went on to live a seemingly perfect life.

So there has to be something more to this – a more elegant explanation of the conflicts of life. A root explanation of our selfishness… Of our altruism… About our DNA and “Nature vs. Nurture…”

In today’s interview with Richard Dawkins on his book, “The Selfish Gene,” we examine this question of whether we are born greedy and ‘evil’ or if we only learn it from our environment.

the selfish gene

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How To Deal With Your Enemies?

Which category do you fall into? Like Richard Dawkins talks about in today’s Book-of-the-Day, “The Selfish Gene,” Mother Nature has distributed somewhat equally three types of people: cheaters, suckers, and grudgers.

You have to learn to deal with each or each can become your worst enemy (especially cheaters and grudgers). And, more importantly, you have to learn to rise above all three if you want to find the “Good Life.”

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