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Episode 3; What I Did Today

Ever wonder what I do in my free time?

Today I hung out at home and focused on the Health pillar of the Good Life. After training with former Olympic boxer Sammy and doing 7 minute circuits with my trainer Alvin Presto, I had a relaxation session with Dr. Isabella Soleil.

Some people spend too much of their time concentrating on other things when they should be taking care of their bodies too.

Hearing the news about my grandpa’s death this weekend reminded me to keep things in perspective. Life is short, use it.

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How To Live The Good Life; Behind-The-Scenes T-Shirt Photoshoot

I’m getting into the fashion business with my Good Life t-shirts.

Check out some of the behind the scenes footage from the photoshoot we did at my house the other day.

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The Story Of The Human Body; My Interview With Daniel Lieberman

There is one thing sure to kill your hopes and dreams.

It’s the “mismatch.”

And there is one thing sure to bring you the “Good Life”: in health, wealth, love, and happiness.

It’s avoiding the “mismatch.”

What do I mean by this concept of the mismatch?

In our interview, Lieberman covers much of this mismatch and explains how the hard-wiring of your brain is adapted to be really good at living in a small village of about 150 people.

A village where you go to bed around 7:30 PM, sleep 8 hours,
eat tons of vegetables and a little meat, and where you fall in love and have kids with an old friend you have known since childhood.

In that village you have 2 or 3 career choices but not more than that. It’s a village where you are encouraged to save and not spend everything you earn.

But guess what?

That world’s long gone.

The world that the hard-wiring of you brain works best with has been replaced with a modern, crazy world.

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Tai Lopez Mentor Conference – Find Your Destiny

I want to personally invite you to a very special “Mentor Conference” I am holding in Hollywood, my hometown.

I will speak about what I’ve learned about building businesses with over 1 million customers; what I learned from my business mentors traveling the world on how they built companies from scratch that are now worth over $100 million, and how to balance this all with living the “Good Life” – Health, Wealth, Love, & Happiness.

This will be 1 jam packed day of knowledge and insight I promise you have never heard anywhere. And being held in Hollywood, I am sure a few big name business celebrities will pop in and say hello.

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