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Folks, This Ain’t Normal – Joel Salatin w/ Tai Lopez at the Mentor Conference

Tai Lopez interviews Joel Salatin at the Mentor Conference in Hollywood, CA. Get the 67 steps  now to access the VIP extended version. Members of the 67 Steps can check out the VIP extended version of the interview here.

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Do You Have ADHD?

Do you have “ADHD”? You should read this book get it here.

Check out the 67 steps to getting anything you want out of life: wealth, health, love, & happiness here.
What a controversial book! Ever wondered if you have Attention Deficit Disorder?

In today’s Book-of-the-Day, “ADHD Does Not Exist,” Dr. Richard Saul says, “Not a single individual – not even the person who finds it close to impossible to pay attention or sit still – is afflicted by the disorder called ADHD…”

It’s interesting because this is not some random quack doctor making these claims. This is a highly esteemed doctor from the University of Chicago with more than 50 years of practice.

I didn’t realize that 11% of children in the USA and 4% of adults are diagnosed with ADHD (more than a 40% jump in the last decade).

He lays out his central point by saying, “Nasal congestion can be a symptom of a cold, but a runny nose is not a diagnosis… In the same way, the symptom complex associated with the ADHD diagnosis is related to more than 20 medical diagnosis that, when treated effectively, can result in the disappearance of the attention-deficit and hyperactivity symptoms.”

If he’s right then just like so many other things in the world, we are treating symptoms.

Not the root issues…

We are putting Band-Aids on big cuts instead of stitching them up.

Interesting that he also says that most children diagnosed with ADHD might have learning disabilities but they also have higher IQs than average.

Dr. Saul tells a story about a fourth grade kid who was always causing trouble in class and was diagnosed with ADHD because of it.

Dr. Saul says he asked the mom if the boy was disruptive in all classes.

The mom said no, only in math.

Dr. Saul diagnosed the kid as being simply bored. So once they moved the boy up to the fifth grade math class (one grade higher), his disruptive behavior disappeared overnight.

It didn’t take any medications.

Simple solution.

Now I don’t know if this book is accurate. I’m no doctor.

But I do know that you and I live in a world that usually tries to take “magic pills” to solve complex problems.

We take the easy way out…

Just like one of the key concepts in the “67 Steps.” This is the difference between the Stoic and Epicurean.

Whenever you find something keeping you from finding the “Good Life” (health, wealth, love, and happiness) first start by trying to get to the root of the problem.

Don’t mask the symptoms.

If you are in my business mentorship program you’ve heard me talk about how Benjamin Graham’s book “The Intelligent Investor” says that to take action you have to follow three progressive steps:

1. Tested judgment

2. Adequate knowledge

3. Courage in action

So for your own life, when you diagnose your problems, take action by reading more, going to more seminars, listening to more audiobooks, watching more YouTube videos, finding more mentors, until your level of “adequate knowledge “increases.

Anyways, let me know what you think – has ADHD been over diagnosed and overmedicated in the modern world?

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The Greatest Quote Of All Time

What’s the world’s best quote? I think it’s this one by Alexander the Great: “Through every generation of the human race there has been a constant war, a war with fear. Those who have the courage to conquer it are made free and those who are conquered by it are made to suffer until they have the courage to defeat it, or death takes them.”

People often ask me if I read a book a day, how I remember what I read. The answer is multi-faceted. You need a few tools. One is to record yourself on your phone doing a “practice” speech. You ONLY get good by doing.

If you want to be able to recite from memory than you have to just do it a lot. I have no idea why humans can’t get that through their thick skulls (my own thick skull included, haha)…

Public speaking is another great format to drive yourself to remember things. You have to lead yourself with reward. The mind follows the reward. So just know that memorizing great quotes not only gives you powerful mental tools to make the right decisions but it also IMPRESSES people.

If you think humans don’t judge by the outward you are deluded. They always have and always will. Despite what the warm fuzzy memes on Facebook and TV tell you.

Guess why most people won’t speak publicly? They’re too afraid of what other people will say. FEAR! (Which is why you should memorize this quote from Alexander the Great)…

In my “67 Steps” program I talk about something called the “Man on the Moon Principle.” If mankind can accomplish something as difficult as putting a man on the moon then you and I can definitely remember more of what we read. Click here to learn more about the 67 Steps Millionaire Mentor Program.

I recently read about all the people in North Africa who memorize the Quran. Just everyday people.

Memorize things!

It’ll make you more impressive.

You want to have powerful mentors?

You want investors to give you a million dollars?

You want customers to buy more from you?

You have to be impressive.

But pain and fear may be bigger driving forces for some humans than reward. Fear is the stallion running around in your brain. Like Alexander the Great says, if you don’t throw a saddle on that horse and learn to ride it then that stallion will kill you.

Most people have never learned to harness their fear.

And that fear causes them to suffer.

They’re not in abundance. They’re in scarcity.

You need to get into abundance.

And I’m not just talking about wealth. I just read about a hundred-year-old body builder who won Mr. Universe in the 1950’s and he still lifts weights. This guy is a hundred-years-old and he has abundant health.

You can have it too.

But you have to put in the work.

The goal in memorizing this quote is not just to be impressive; it’s to harness that horse so that you find health and wealth.

The world is abundant. People blame their failures on the recession but that’s BS. I was just at dinner with a guy under 40 who created a $480 million dollar business from scratch.

My aunt was married for 65 years. There can be an abundance of friendship, love, and happiness.

Happiness is a contrast bias. You can’t feel it all the time but you can feel fulfilled.

What’s the easiest way to do that? Start by filling up your brain with quotes like this.

Build up your willpower. Step by step you get ahead, but not necessarily in fast spurts.

To me, the opposite of fear is abundance. The world is abundant, you just need to conquer your fear and you can get what you want from life.

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Surviving Plane Crashes and Fighting Great White Sharks

Ask yourself: What is the worst attitude that you can have? The attitude that will sabotage basically every plan, every hope, and every dream that you have?
I talk about this in step #67 in the 67 steps.

Today’s book of the day is “Devil at My Heels: A Heroic Olympian’s Astonishing Story of Survival as a Japanese POW in World War II” by Louis Zamperini.

I would say it’s probably being a victim.

That’s where we can learn a lot from Louis Zamperini.

Louis is a man’s man.

After representing the United States at the Olympics, he fought in World War II where he became a POW, survived the Japanese shooting at him, fought off a Great White Shark for 2 days and lost 100 lbs surviving in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for 47 days with no water.

In fact I’m super sad he recently died at 97 about a week after we set up an interview with him here in L.A. I really missed out on a legend.

Pick your friends wisely, become the kind of friend you want.

Don’t be a victim. Keep it in check my friend.

What’s your end game goal? Write it right here.

Tell me about your victimhood and how your’e going to get rid of it.

Write it right here on the page whether it’s Youtube.

If you’re listening on my podcast, leave it as a review.

Remember: Never be a zombie. Never chase a mirage. Be like Louis Zamperini

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