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How To Conquer Your Fear and Anxiety

Are you a worrier – always anxious and fearful about the future? Today’s Book-of-the-Day shares a lifetime of work from one of the top scientists in the world.

It talks about fancy concepts like, “Fear memories requiring protein synthesis in the lateral Amygdala for reconsolidation after retrieval.”

But guess what?

Scientists have also found 4 old fashioned, practical techniques that you can do today to make you less anxious and fearful.

1. Just take a deep breath: “This folk wisdom has a grain of truth to it. During stress the sympathetic nervous system dominates, overshadowing the parasympathetic system. But when one breathes slowly and deeply, “The vagus nerve, becomes more active and the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic system improves.”

2. Focus less on self by meditating: “Our conscious self will do almost anything to maintain the independence, power, control, or success that it has achieved even if you do so other people, other cultures, or the world has to suffer. A healthier approach is to let go of the ‘absolute self’ that we construct and recognize our broader role in life.”

3. Combine self-exposure with proactive avoidance: If you have fear of crowds, “Rather than forcing oneself to ride out anxiety at a dinner party, use anxiety control strategies, such as relaxation and active coping (like trips to the bathroom or stepping out to make a call) that enable regrouping before re-exposure.”

4. Hang out with resilient, non-anxious people: “Resilient individual send him a large repertoire of active coping options. We’re able to use observation and instruction to explicitly learn to avoid. We create avoidance concepts or schemas, and when in danger we draw upon these stored action plans.”

If you are naturally a worrier you can change: “Although some people are by their nature’s more anxious than others, ever increasing anxiety doesn’t have to be their destiny. Just as the brain can learn to be anxious, it can also learn to not be that way”

Stay Strong

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Is Lying Ever Justified?

Is it ok to lie in certain circumstances – what if you’re an undercover policeman or your kid asks if Santa Clause is real?  

The famous scientist, Sam Harris, tries to answer that question in today’s Book-of-the-Day, “Lying.”

Harris starts by saying, “We often behave in ways that are guaranteed to make us unhappy. Many of us spend our lives marching with open eyes toward remorse, regret, guilt, and disappointment. And nowhere do our injuries seem more casually self-inflicted, or the suffering we create more disproportionate to the needs of the moment, than in the lies we tell to other human beings. Lying is the royal road to chaos.”

White lies. 

Subtle lies.

Lies that save lives.

Hurtful lies.

This book basically makes the point that in the long run it almost always pays to tell the truth. 

Here are some of my takeaways:

1.  Lying is everywhere and it causes lower life satisfaction levels: “One study suggests that 10 percent of communication between spouses is deceptive… Research suggests that all forms of lying—including white lies meant to spare the feelings of others—are associated with less satisfying relationships.”

2. Most white lies just perpetuate delusion but brutal honesty breaks delusion: “A friend of mine recently asked me whether I thought he was overweight. He probably was just asking for reassurance. I answered my friend’s question very directly: ‘No one would ever call you ‘fat,’ but if I were you, I’d want to lose twenty-five pounds.’ That was two months ago, and he is now fifteen pounds lighter.”

3. Our biggest lies are usually to ourselves: “Self-deception isn’t of any value either. I was never going to be a professional singer. People could have said, ‘Oh, you’re a great singer. You ought to quit your job and start recording.’ But that’s just bullshit.”

4. Honesty breaks addictions: “Honesty can force any dysfunction in your life to the surface. Are you in an abusive relationship? A refusal to lie to others—How did you get that bruise?—would oblige you to come to grips with this situation very quickly. Do you have a problem with drugs or alcohol? Lying is the lifeblood of addiction.”

This is a complex subject. Some evolutionary biologists like Trivers might disagree with this all or nothing stance on lying. They might point out that humans lie because at times it’s best for the survival of the group. 

I don’t know the answer but I do think it’s a powerful concept we must all contemplate for ourselves.

When do you think lying is justified?

Stay strong,

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Who Is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez’s hard-luck origins and step-by-step rise to enormous success is an inspiring story that thrills entrepreneurs.

Tai Lopez rise to fame as a social media influencer has become widely known in entrepreneurship circles — it’s hard to visit YouTube or Instagram without seeing his face.

Tai Lopez was born and raised on the wrong side of the tracks but he made choices early on in his adult life to move to the other side.

Today he lives in a massive Beverly Hills mansion, shares his tips for creating wealth and fulfillment on his super popular social media channels, and rubs shoulders with the most successful people in the world.


Tai Lopez is an investor, partner, or advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses.

Through his popular book club and podcasts Tai shares advice on how to achieve health, wealth, love, and happiness with 1.4 million people in 40 countries.

Tai also has one of the fastest growing Ted Talks with over 2 million views already.


Here in my garage, just bought this new Lamborghini here. It’s fun to drive up here in the Hollywood hills. But you know what I like more than materialistic things? Knowledge. In fact, I’m a lot more proud of these seven new bookshelves that I had to get installed to hold two thousand new books that I bought. It’s like the billionaire Warren Buffett says, “the more you learn, the more you earn.”

Tai Lopez


The Best Tai Lopez Quotes:

Everybody wants the good life, but not everybody gets the good life.


Read one book a day.


There are 4 keys for living the good life: health, wealth, love and happiness.



Tai Lopez on The Brain

  • It’s amazing what a little consistent brain training can do for your life.
  • “So many people are in the gym working on their 6 pack but they forget the 6 pack for their brain.”
  • “Train your brain.”
  • “Go to conferences and seminars once a month. Invest in your own brain.”
  • It’s ok to have material things. Just be sure you invest most of your money in your brain (books, travel, consultants, mentors, courses, conferences, programs)…

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Who Is Tai Lopez?

Who is Tai Lopez

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