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Tai Lopez On Why You Should Take A ‘Thinking Trip’

I highly recommend that you take what I call a “thinking trip”. We live in a world where it’s very hard to focus. I’ve found that if you can go 100 miles from your home it kind of resets your brain.

Bring a bunch of books with you, get a hotel room, and cut out the distractions.

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How to Get Mental Toughness – Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez on how to get mental toughness from the Book of The Day, “Defiant” by Alvin Towley. If you need some help on increasing your mental toughness check out the book.

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Evolutionary Psychology; Dr. David Buss Interview w/ Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez interviews evolutionary psychologist Dr. David Buss in the Lamborghini.

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Play Games With People – It’s Healthy – Tai Lopez

I read that having a weekly game night with close friends is better for your health than quitting smoking. So got friends together and we played Pictionary, Taboo, and Cards Against Humanity (that’s a traumatic game, haha)…

It was also my “cheat” day so ate Pizza, Sprite, and Oreos. Then had long debate on what is the best movie of all time.

I said The Godfather, Pulp Fiction, and Forest Gump.

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