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Which Superpower Would You Choose? Kon-Tiki

If you want some fun reading about insane courage and mental certainty, pick up a copy of Kon-Tiki.

If you had to choose between two superpowers: having massive courage or having more certainty in your life — which would you pick?

A. Courage – to do the things you already know you should do.

B. Certainty – to be absolutely sure what new things you should do with your life.

For today’s Book-of-the-day I was re-reading Kon-Tiki by Thor Heyerdahl.

Thor is a national hero in Norway. He sailed a raft made out of 9 logs across the freaking Pacific Ocean – insane courage!

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Why Suicide Bombers Kill Themselves; Avoid This Deadly Mindset And You Will Save The World

If you had one wish and could change anything in the world what would it be? I would eradicate convictions.

Nietzsche said “Convictions are greater enemies of the truth than lies” and it’s absolutely true. Take a look around the world.

Everything that you don’t like comes from somebody having a black and white mindset.

I’ve done a lot of things wrong in my life, and I’ve done a few things right as well.

One of the things that I did right was that even as a teen, when I met somebody who said something I hadn’t heard before or maybe didn’t agree with I would still listen to them and consider the merit of their ideas.

So many people just instantly dismiss opinions that are foreign to them, often without even noticing that they’re doing it.

Eradicate the black and white mind. For all those things that you have strong convictions about, remember that somebody else might see something that you can’t see yet. We know psychologically why this happens.

Charlie Munger calls it the “superpower” that we use to resolve cognitive dissonance. We don’t like to not know so we’re always judging. That’s where racism comes from, that’s why we make snap judgments based on physical appearance. Sometimes we’re correct and sometimes we’re not.

The important thing is to be open to new ideas and opinions so our minds can continue to grow and adapt in a world that is constantly changing.

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