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Mark Cuban & Tai Lopez; 19 Lessons From Having A Billionaire Over At The House For 4 Hours

Self-made billionaires are no joke.

Billionaire Mark Cuban ($3 billion net worth, Shark Tank, Dallas Mavericks owner) dropped by the house today for 4 hours to play some basketball, talk books, and share some future trends to invest in.

I counted how many genius things he told me. It was 19 different points. He’s a damn smart man – one of the most observant and aware people I’ve talked to in a long time.

His reaction when I asked him how it felt to become a billionaire cracked me up, haha.

One powerful point is that you only have to win once. Then everyone will forget your past mistakes. So true…

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Is It A Man’s World? 3 Friends I Brought To The Bookstore

I brought 3 friends with me to Barnes and Noble to talk about why only about 1% of self-made billionaires are women.

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What Is The Most Important Question You Can Ask?

Find out the most important question you can ask somebody.

You have to know how to get help and be humble if you want to be successful like Sam Walton, Warren Buffet, and Charlie Munger all self made billionaires.

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