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How To Deal With Hate; What Michael Jordan And Steve Jobs Have In Common

Do you know the best way in life to deal with an insult?

When people take their time to write something, whether it’s bullying or cyber bullying, you’ve already won because nobody who’s doing big things in life has time to write a nasty comment.

Write them off and move on. If people are taking the time out of their day to talk or gossip about you, take that higher moral ground and know that you’re winning at life.

They don’t make statues to critics, they make statues to people who change the world.

What’s an example where you freaked out when somebody said something offensive in your life?

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Playing Basketball In The Backyard With Michael Jordan’s Trainer Tim Grover

I was just shooting hoops with Tim Grover, the personal trainer of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

Tim says that you should put your thumb, two fingers, and elbow “in the basket” when you’re shooting.

He says Dirk Nowitzki does this perfectly.

Watch the video to hear what Tim’s thoughts are on some of today’s best NBA players.

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The Mindful Athlete – What Michael Jordan Knew About Success

Tai interviews psychologist George Mumford, adviser to all-star athletes Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and championship winning coach Phil Jackson.

Hear the legendary stories and lessons learned from over twenty years experience working in professional sports.

They discuss everything from sports, mindfulness and how Tai can improve his ping pong skills 🙂

There’s a ton of good information in this video you can take away and apply to your life.

A lot of what George Mumford talks about is stuff Tai wishes someone had told him when he was 18.

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