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Launching Your Product; How to Go from an Idea to a Successful Business

How do you launch a product from zero to a million dollar business?

Here are a few tips:

1. You have to understand that at the beginning, there will be a quick growth spurt for your product, but your product will also be very fragile.

2. There will be substitutions for your product, so it is important to learn how to interrupt that substitution. You have to be good at marketing.

3. You have to go through a mad scientist phase. This is the part where most people drop off and quit. You have to go through multiple hypotheses and experiments.

I will go over more of these tips on my free live talk, so make sure you save your spot.

What is an experiment that you are doing right now on launching a product?

If you’re stuck, what is an experiment that you can do?

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8 Advanced Marketing Hacks; How To Get People To Pay Attention To Your Idea

Learn what my mentor’s taught me that allowed me to make money while traveling and having fun.

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The Million Dollar Marketer; How You Can Use Marketing To Make Big Bucks

People tell me they have an incredible idea all the time.

The next best thing or the next best app and most of the time I’m not sold because of how they’re presenting their product.

Persuasion is the biggest predictor of your success.

The ability to show people your perspective is important whether you want to make a million dollars, improve socially, or get a promotion at your job.

Charlie Munger talks about the 25 cognitive biases that dictate how people make decisions. You can use these 25 cognitive biases in your favor.

Here are just two…

1. Association or Likability Bias.

60% of what makes people decide is not what you think or say, it’s about how people perceive you.

What’s the other 40%?

30% is the process you use – the order that you present things. This is the strategy part.

10% is what you’re actually selling, which makes up a minor part of how people decide. 

2. The story in people’s heads

All humans are like a movie theater and they are projecting a movie in their minds. It’s their perception of life.

To move people and actually convince them is difficult and takes a lot much money.

You must market your vision to the story that’s already playing in people’s heads. It’s important to find people with a story that’s aligned with what you do.

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