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How To Throw A Muay Thai Elbow; #1 Rank Middle Weight Kickboxer Joe “Stitch-em-up” Schilling

I was training at Knowledge Society Headquarters with a Muay Thai master. Joe Schilling has the fastest knockout in US history. He is a specialist in elbow strikes.

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How To Raise Money From Investors; Entrepreneur Stories

Nate stopped by the Knowledge Society headquarters and shared with me how he used the principles in the Accelerator program to raise $2 million for his Motocross boot idea.

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How To Read A Financial Report; The 3 Financial Markers To Watch

80% of all entrepreneurs go out of business in five years.

I was reading this little #knowledgesociety Book of the Day before going to bed tonight.

It emphasizes how as an entrepreneur you have to watch three key financial markers: your profits, your balance sheet, and your statements of cash flow.

You can’t neglect any of those three.

how to read a financial report, the 3 financial markers to watch, three key financial markers, your profits, your balance sheet, your statements of cashflow, cashflow, profits, knowledge society

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How To Be A Social Networking Influencer

I have some friends hanging out at the Knowledge Society headquarters in my backyard, including Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles.

Everybody wants to know how to be an influencer across social networks.

One of the number one things that I’ve learned is that you have to use every social network differently.

What’s the number one social media strategy you found that worked well? And what doesn’t work at all?

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