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How Jeff Bezos Made Amazon A Billion Dollar Company; My Interview With Brad Stone

On today’s Book-Of-The-Day show, I’m really happy to be speaking with Brad Stone, who wrote a book on Jeff Bezos and how he built Amazon.com into one of the greatest companies, not just of our time, but maybe of all time.

Learn more about Jeff Bezos’ story and purchase The Everything Store.

The book, The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon, applies whether you’re an entrepreneur now, or dreaming of bigger things in the future.

As you read the book, you might notice that Bezos was very aggressive, maybe to a fault at points, but it made him who he was.

At his 2010 Princeton commencement speech, he said, “In the end, we are our choices.”

He took the path less trod upon, and he was so much happier for it.

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How to Master the Grind: Jeff Bezos’ $38B Net Worth & Amazon’s Rise to the Top

If you want to have world-changing impact, you need to be someone who gets things done.

I don’t care if you want to feed the hungry or become a millionaire entrepreneur, you have to love the grind.

In today’s Book of the Day review, I discuss “The Everything Store” and Jeff Bezos’ rise to the top.

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