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Tai Lopez On Why You Should Take A ‘Thinking Trip’

I highly recommend that you take what I call a “thinking trip”. We live in a world where it’s very hard to focus. I’ve found that if you can go 100 miles from your home it kind of resets your brain.

Bring a bunch of books with you, get a hotel room, and cut out the distractions.

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The 90% Rule

Shift your focus away from the 10% and back to the 90%.

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George Karl & Tai Lopez (And “Sugar” Shane Mosley) On Winning And Focus

NBA coach, George Karl, was telling me after the game (notice “Sugar” Shane Mosley the boxer shooting around behind us haha) what he’s learned as one of the greatest coaches in basketball history.

He says it’s all about character and the fundamentals.

Everyone is looking for some magic bullet. He told me to be great you have to, “Have a commitment to focus.” How true.

The world is full of people who aren’t able to even sit in a chair for 15 or 30 minutes straight and read a book every day. Make sure you commit to focus.

Focus even when you’re not sure it’s the right thing to be focused on. Train your brain.

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