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Ferrari Vs. Lamborghini: Which is Faster?

What’s faster: Ferrari 458 convertible Spider or a black Lamborghini Gallardo?

Answer: Depends on the ‘feel’ you are looking for. Ferrari is more smooth. Like a James Bond experience.

The Lamborghini is more raw, animalistic power. Lambo is V-10, the Ferrari is V-8 but they both generate about the same horsepower. But a more important question is…

What’s better: 2000 new books, a red Ferrari 458 convertible Spider, or a black Lamborghini Gallardo?

Answer: The books. Always take the books. Knowledge over material things… Because knowledge can bring you health, love, and happiness. The inverse isn’t always true.

The material stuff can come later. Check out my video on how reading a book a day can change your life.

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