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A New Way To Think About How Old You Are

For most of us the problem is that we don’t really know how old we are.

We think we know.

But we don’t…

Because we measure age all wrong…

We count in reverse when we should really be counting forward.

We say, “I am 32…” or “I am 75…”

We mean how many years it’s been since we were born.

Measure Differently…

But what if we measured our age in the opposite direction – from today’s date forward to the end of our life?

What if we stopped using the old-fashioned “birthday age?”

Now that is a profound question.

Because after all who is older, an 18 year old kid who only has 5 years left or an 80 year old who will live another 20 years?

To me the 80 year old is way younger.

They have more time left.

Try measuring your age going forward.

Not counting back the years from your birth.

Those past years are outside of your control. So in a sense they are irrelevant.

A phantom, a dream…

Movie shoot at my house
If you change how old you see yourself, things will change for the better almost overnight.

It will be like Robert Frost’s poem:

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

You won’t be average anymore.

Your life will take a turn down a better path.

As I work with people in my Private Mentorship Program and my Inner Circle Program I see two things:

1. Young people wasting the prime of their lives because they mistakenly think they have lots of time.

2. Older people feeling stuck in careers, marriages, and lifestyles they hate out of fear that there isn’t enough time to change.

I’m sure you can relate and see yourself in both perspectives.

Now you might be wondering, “Tai, this way of measuring your age is impossible. No one knows when they will die.”

And you would be correct.


A New Way To Cope…

There is a way to deal with uncertainty.

Insurance companies have already figured it out.

You have too, you just might not realize it yet.

For example, when do you buy car insurance – before you get your license or after? Answer: The second you buy your car (that’s why it’s a law here in California).

When do you put on your seat belt – before you start driving or after?

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