Should You Eat The Yolks – Was The China Study Right?

I decided to read today’s Book-of-the-Day while I was eating my sunny side up, pasture raised eggs on a salad for breakfast.

Make sure you grab a copy of “Eat The Yolks”.

The author brings up some interesting points.

1. We need fat. So eat the whole egg, not just egg whites:

“When our bodies don’t have the nutrients from fats—for basic tasks like cellular repair, hormonal function or even damage control, they let us know.”

Appetite increases, and we’re driven to eat more as our bodies seek nutrients from anything, at any cost.

That’s why diets don’t work, especially low-fat diets; they often restrict nourishment along with calories.

2. It’s not just lack of willpower that makes us fat, it’s also hormonal imbalance from eating empty, processed food calories:

“Since leptin (a hormone) is what gives us a feeling of satiety when we’re full, our hunger can become excessive and relentless, just as it can when we restrict food.”

Fatigue can become debilitating. Weight loss becomes impossible and weight gain becomes inevitable.

It’s all about the hormones. Hormones, not lack of willpower, drive hunger and overeating in response to dieting and food restriction.

3. Add some wholesome fat back into your diet:

“Natural, unrefined fat is perfectly healthy. Especially fat from properly raised animals.”

So make yourself a latte, pour in the cream, and enjoy your three-egg omelet with all the yolks. Your body, your skin, and your brain will thank you.

One thing I would add is that it really matters how the animal was raised on the farm.

When I worked with Joel Salatin on his research farm Polyface, Inc. in Virginia, we sent eggs from his chickens raised on grassy pastures to the National Institutes of Health.

Joel’s eggs tested higher on every positive nutritional count compared to factory raised eggs. The lab couldn’t believe their equipment’s readings.

Not sure everything in this book is right. But remember it’s all about experimenting and testing different meal strategies (I think try five different diets before you decide) until you find what makes you thrive.

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