How To Start A Profitable Business

How To Start A Profitable Business

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How Taylor Swift Got 51 Million Followers On Instagram; One Tip To Grow Your Social Following

Everybody wants to build a big following on social media.

You know who’s killing it? Taylor Swift and Rihanna.

If you want to cut your learning curve in half, go straight to the people at the top.

Find the top influencers on social media and reverse engineer what they’ve done. You can gather information just from looking at the engagement on different posts.

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How To Make Money Online

Amazon And The 1.3 Trillion Dollar E-Commerce Industry.

Everybody wants to make money online. I was just talking to my buddy, Matt Clark, who’s doing great stuff with his Amazing Selling Machine Program.

I was just reading how the online retail market just passed $1.3 trillion, and Amazon was responsible for at least $100 billion of sales this year alone.

The interesting thing is, 30-50% of all Amazon sales are through the marketplace (ran by outside people like you and me).

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How To Elbow A Man In The Face; Self-Defense For Women By BJJ Black Belt Rigan Machado

What’s your favorite self-defense move?

I did a little training session with Rigan Machado in my private dojo today.

He said the elbow is the strongest part of your body to use to hurt someone. So, the best thing to do when you’re defending yourself is to keep your hands open and use your elbows.

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