6 Lessons From A Navy SEAL On Being Tough

In today’s books of the day I’m sharing 6 insights with you that I took from some of the toughest people in the world, the Navy Seals.

I thought this book was so good that I went out and bought some that you can buy from me here.

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How To Increase Your Income If You Are Completely Broke

I’m here in Palm Springs doing some work with my team and thought I would make a quick book of the day.

I got asked if someone had a gun to my head and I was completely broke how I would make 1 million dollars?

Here’s my answer, “I would go out to a big market and I would take an idea that is working really well and bring it to a small market.”

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The 3 Most Important Rules of Investing

Today’s book of the day is “A Few Lessons for Investors and Managers From Warren Buffett” by Peter Bevelin.

Check out Tai’s advanced in depth lesson of this in the 67 Steps + Tai’s Exclusive Twice A Month Call System here.

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Do You Need A High IQ To Be Rich?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions:
How smart am I and does it even matter?
Do I need a high I.Q. to be rich?

Today’s Book of the Day is, “Successful Intelligence: How Practical and Creative Intelligence Determine Success in Life” by Robert Sternberg.

Sternberg hypothesizes that I.Q is not a fixed measurement, the way it has been misunderstood for years, and he gives us a lot of insight into how IQ is changeable.

Can you answer these questions as a comment below?

1. What is a self defeating attitude that you have had towards your I.Q. or intelligence?

2. What is a negative expectation that others have put on you that you want to defy?

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