Unwrapping Christmas Presents With 97yr Grandma & Family

We played that game where you steal presents. Everyone played nice except my 97 year old Grandma, who stole the Kindle Fire haha…

christmas presents, 97yr grandma

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How To Not Worry Or Be Depressed During The Holidays; Merry Christmas Eve!

I’m headed to grandmas for Christmas Eve with the family. I grabbed Dale Carnegie’s book on how not to worry. Life is a vapor so don’t take the holidays too seriously…

merry christmas, merry christmas eve, christmas eve, christmas eve with the family

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Don’t Try To Teach Pigs To Fly; How To Not Waste Time On The Wrong People Or Activities

My mentor, Allan Nation, used to tell me, “Don’t try to teach a pig how to fly. You can’t do it and it bothers the pig.”

When someone has already made up their mind and doesn’t want to listen, save your breath.

Instead of wasting all that energy and glucose trying to convince everybody that doesn’t agree with you, what if you take that energy and double down on fixing a little area in your own life?

teach pigs to fly, don’t try to teach pigs to fly

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How To Talk To Anyone; 92 Little Tricks To Improve Your Social Life

Here are 3 badass tips I’ve found to be good at networking (plus a bonus tip).

how to talk anyone, improve your social life, your social life

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