Are You Ignorant? Think Globally, Act Locally

I was reading The Financial Times as I was getting ready to head out and it got me thinking about the big picture.

Don’t get stuck in your bubble. You’ve got to think globally. Expand your vision.

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How To Control Your Fear

My Interview With Top Neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux.

On today’s Book-of-the-Day Show, Tai Lopez interviews professor Joseph LeDoux on the topic of fear and anxiety.

Are you anxious or fearful about the future?

If you want to know how Tai conquered his fear and obstacles, you can listen to my podcast.

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High Intensity Workout With My Personal Trainer Jason

Here is a quick high intensity workout with Tai Lopez and his personal trainer, Jason, co-founder of BodySpec.

Jason says that you need a high intensity workout to keep your heart rate up if you want to see results. Visceral fat sits behind and around your organs. It’s dangerous because you can’t see it. A combination of training and nutrition can help you reduce your visceral fat.

How much time are you spending at the gym? And how much visceral fat do you think you have?

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How To Be A Social Networking Influencer

I have some friends hanging out at the Knowledge Society headquarters in my backyard, including Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles.

Everybody wants to know how to be an influencer across social networks.

One of the number one things that I’ve learned is that you have to use every social network differently.

What’s the number one social media strategy you found that worked well? And what doesn’t work at all?

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