How Many Meals A Day Should You Eat? Thoughts From My Nutritionist

Kelly LeVeque my nutritionist stopped by to check up on my meals.

She is Jessica Alba’s nutritionist and told me that 3 meals is ideal for most people if you are controlling your insulin properly.

how many meals a day should you eat, thoughts from my nutritionist, jessica alba

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Break Dancing Piano Class; Why Don’t They Teach This In School?

Shun breakdancing to Kai singing “Eye of the Tiger” while I do my piano lesson haha. Craziness…

eye of the tiger

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Be The Change You Want To See; Yoga Lessons For Newbies

Kai was teaching us some philosophy along with new stretches. Nathan was pushing himself with the crow’s pose.

be the change you want to see, yoga lessons

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Arnold Schwarzenegger & Muhammad Ali; How To Be Better Than Just Great. Be Legendary

A young Arnold Schwarzenegger and Muhammad Ali – legends are built not born. They could have been good, even great. But they were not satisfied until they became legendary – until they had forged their names forever into the sands of time.

That’s that next level sh#% for us all in this coming 2016 New Year.

Arnold wore shorts to expose his weakest link (his calves) to push himself to do more calf raise exercises.

Ali didn’t count his sit-ups, “1,2,3,4,5…” like most people in the gym. He would start his sit-ups first until he felt them burning and only THEN did he begin the count.

To push yourself to master something – to me this is a human’s highest achievement.

It’s the little things that add up.

Find one thing, big or small, and commit.

Build yourself incrementally, in baby steps.

Mind, Body, Soul.

Mentors overseeing your progress and ridding you of your blind spots.
1 year, 5 years, maybe 10 or 15 years… Hard work.

No one’s watching.

No one’s complimenting you.

Then slowly all those little baby steps and training sessions start to kick in.

But you’re still not satisfied and you go back and study and push yourself even more.

The fires and trials of life burning away the impurities.

You are left with only gold.

Only then, maybe, will you earn legendary status.

What is your next practical step?

arnold schwarzenegger, muhammad ali, legends are built not born, build yourself

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