Avoid The Dream Killing Mismatch

There is one thing sure to kill your hopes and dreams.

It’s the “mismatch.”

And there is one thing sure to bring you the “Good Life: Health, Wealth, Love, Happiness.”

It’s avoiding the “mismatch.”

What do I mean by this concept of the mismatch?

I was reading for today’s Book-Of-The-Day, Daniel Lieberman’s “The Story Of The Human Body.”

The book covers much of this mismatch and explains how the hardwiring of your brain is adapted to be really good at living in a small village of about 150 people.

A village where you go to bed around 730 pm, sleep 8 hours,
eat tons of vegetables and a little meat, and where you fall in love and
have kids with an old friend you have known since childhood.

In that village you have 2 or 3 career choices but not more than that. It’s a village where you are encouraged to save and not spend everything you earn.

But guess what?

That world’s long gone.

The world that the hard wiring of you brain works best with has been replaced with a modern, crazy world.

I live in Hollywood. I’m looking out my window right now at 13,000,000 people.

That’s a lot more than the 150 that Robin Dunbar, the Oxford anthropologist, said is the optimal number for my brain.

I see the billboards selling me things I probably don’t need. My brain is designed to trust people. These advertisements are trying to take advantage of that trust.

My house has lights that let me stay up all night and not get enough sleep. I would feel a hell of a lot better if I went to bed like the Amish do, when the sun sets…

I have the option to pursue 1000 career choices and invest money into 10,000 different stocks. My brain isn’t good at weeding out so many options. So I am left thinking that maybe I am missing out on some
big business opportunity.

I can press one button on my phone and have Chinese, pizza, or fast food delivered in 30 minutes. My body is not designed to always have that many calories on demand.

Like the Nobel Prize winner Christian Lous Lange said, “Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.”

The modern world is a blitz of options.

You have been taught that having all these options are the final culmination of man conquering nature using technology.

Unfortunately almost all of those options are the “mismatch.”

Joel Salatin once told me, “Tai humans can now create technology faster than they can anticipate the consequences of using the technology.”

For example, last year the modern world’s agricultural technology produced about 1300 million metric tons of sugar!

That’s enough to make half the world fat and diabetic.

I was on a plane to Sweden and I bought a Sprite (it helps with my motion sickness). I read the label. There was like 40 grams of sugar. That’s double of what I should have in a whole day!

We humans have gotten really good at making technology that tempts us into doing the wrong thing.

Psychology Today wrote out a top 10 countdown list of all the evolutionary mismatches we face each day…..

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