Who To Cut Out Of Your Life; If They Ain’t Giving They’re Probably Taking. The Rule Of Social Life

Watch out for “takers.” If somebody’s not either encouraging you or offering constructive criticism it’s probably time to phase them out… Just make sure before you judge too harshly you try to offer value first. Welfare Tradeoff Ratios… Reciprocal Altruism.

the rule of social life, constructive criticism

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How To Read A Financial Report; The 3 Financial Markers To Watch

80% of all entrepreneurs go out of business in five years.

I was reading this little #knowledgesociety Book of the Day before going to bed tonight.

It emphasizes how as an entrepreneur you have to watch three key financial markers: your profits, your balance sheet, and your statements of cash flow.

You can’t neglect any of those three.

how to read a financial report, the 3 financial markers to watch, three key financial markers, your profits, your balance sheet, your statements of cashflow, cashflow, profits, knowledge society

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Rags To Riches American Dream; How Victor Went From Bankrupt To Multi Million Dollar Businesses

Rags to Riches.

The American Dream.

Victor used the lessons from his 1st business bankruptcy for a turnaround later in his life. My buddy from New York dropped by Knowledge Society headquarters to tell his inspiring story…

rags to riches, the american dream, business bankruptcy, inspiring story

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Spanish Lessons; Why You Should Learn More Languages

I’m always trying to up my mental game. One of the best places to start is learning a new language. What language should you learn next?

why you should learn more languages, mental game, my mental game, learning a new language

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