Why Critics Suck; How To Actually Do Something Badass

The rule of success is you get 1 point for a good idea, 10 points of a smart plan, and 100 points for actually doing something bad ass. But you get 0 points for critiquing others and being a hater…

the rule of success, rule of success

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The 5 Most Important Words Ever

The 5 most important words I’ve ever memorized.

What scientists found to be the “Millionaire Mindset”.

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The Story Of The Human Body; My Interview With Daniel Lieberman

There is one thing sure to kill your hopes and dreams.

It’s the “mismatch.”

And there is one thing sure to bring you the “Good Life”: in health, wealth, love, and happiness.

It’s avoiding the “mismatch.”

What do I mean by this concept of the mismatch?

In our interview, Lieberman covers much of this mismatch and explains how the hard-wiring of your brain is adapted to be really good at living in a small village of about 150 people.

A village where you go to bed around 7:30 PM, sleep 8 hours,
eat tons of vegetables and a little meat, and where you fall in love and have kids with an old friend you have known since childhood.

In that village you have 2 or 3 career choices but not more than that. It’s a village where you are encouraged to save and not spend everything you earn.

But guess what?

That world’s long gone.

The world that the hard-wiring of you brain works best with has been replaced with a modern, crazy world.

your hopes and dreams, the good life, health, wealth, love, happiness

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Ronda Rousey; How To Kick Ass And Conquer Fear

Hell yes! Just bought Ronda Rousey’s new book for today’s Book-of-the-Day. She says: “I know that I can deal when things are bad. I can come back when things are at their worst. Grab your copy of the book here:

I’m not afraid of losing all my money or losing my career because I know I’m capable of living in my car and rising up.

Once you’ve conquered the worst things that could happen, there is no need to fear the unknown. The fight is yours to win”

You are a bad ass

Grab Ronda’s book and conquer your fears!

ronda rousey, conquer fear, conquer your fears, rising up, the fight is yours to win

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